Akwaaba (welcome in twi),

Welcome, my dear friends to the storehouse of my mind and heart; namely my website. My desire is to bare my thoughts, fears, doubts, burdens and joys without reservation. I invite you to recline, respond, weep and share in my multifaceted experiences. I believe human beings are the most valued creatures within the cosmos, simply because we bare the image of God (in all its complexities) yet as St. Augustine says we easily pass by ourselves without wonder. My wish is to acquire a plethora of common and different stories on this page; therefore I sincerely invite you to be my counterpart in my journey.

I strongly believe language has a way of revealing the intensions and longings of the heart. Though it is weak and insufficient to fully convey the deep inner longs of the mind and soul, it is by no means the most useful tool God has granted humanity. I hope to be a source of encouragement and strength through my thoughts and poetic prose, to the weak, the lost, the faint-hearted and most importantly my blood bought brothers and sisters in Christ.


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